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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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>> and now i have the pleasure to introduce to you the may year of the great city of san francisco, the honorable edwin lee, followed by the executive director of the interfaith council, michael pappas. mayor lee. [applause] >> good afternoon, everyone. it is my personal honor and pleasure to join you here today along with the interfaith council and our fantastic orchestra and opera and to celebrate and commemorate this 9/11 event. a decade after the terrorist attacks occurred on it 9/11, we continue to struggle to make sense of the terrible events of that day.
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while san francisco is more than 3,000 miles away from the attacks on twin towers and the pentagon, we felt the devastation and loss keenly in our city, and we will continue to remember and honor those who passed. it is important to me into the people of san francisco that remember and honor the fallen, including hometown american heroes like betty young and mark bingham. betty's call for a flight 11 was the first indication that america was under attack, and she relayed vital information to the ground crew. mark russell for control of united airlines flight 93, rather than allow hi-jackers to fulfill their mission. 10 years ago, we also learned about the final moments of san francisco resident melissa hughes who was the victim of terrorism in the twin towers.
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to read about her final phone calls to her loved ones is just as heartbreaking today as it was 10 years ago. to all the families across the nation who suffered and still suffer today, we offer our profound sympathy saiies. while we remember these and other victims and first responders, we should take time to reflect on what 9/11 means for all of us and to take to heart president barack obama's call to come together in the spirit of service and unity. there are many events in san francisco, from sporting events to festivals and other community events today, that help us do that while we honor the victims and celebrate the service and heroism of our first responders and military personnel. one such way to commemorate the day with peaceful and unifying nature of music at today's
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event. earlier this morning, i enjoyed over 500 volunteers with the interfaith council at the hands of the bay -- hands on the bay area. another weekend remember and honor the tragic events 10 years ago is to make sure that the city, it's families and individuals, we are prepared for emergencies, whether man-made or natural disasters. september marks the national prepared this month, and the city's website stands ready to assist you with your making a family emergency plan, building a disaster could, or need voluntary training. since september 11, 2001, san francisco has greatly improved its ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies. just this month i announced the creation of the joint powers authority to govern a bay area
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wide public safety communications system after the bay area was awarded a $50 million grant to build a broadband communications network for public safety agencies. we know that emergencies do not stop at our city borders, and we must be prepared to seamlessly communicate with other public safety personnel throughout the bay area. we have also strengthened our infrastructure, trained our personnel, and are preparing the community so that we can rapidly recover from any emergency. it is now 10 years later, and we're more prepared, stronger, and ready. the 9/11 attacks represent an unimaginable tragedy in the history of our country. but at the same time, the lessons learned from that day continue to help us grow and become stronger the events of september 11, 2001 change the world and redefined our nation.
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not only the scope of these threat -- a tragedy, but also the demonstration of compassion and generosity that occurred in the hours, weeks, and months following. in san francisco and around the country, individuals stepped up to give blood, collect donations, and volunteer their time as a show of support for our nation. let us remember those who perished 10 years ago, her protected us from great danger and kept our country safe. the first responders who risked their lives for us, the police officers who protected us, and the firefighters who had the courage to keep us from harm, and the paramedics who care for us are all in our hearts today. they're important contribution to serving and protecting our diverse community should always be remembered and acknowledged. it is now 10 years later, and we're more prepared, stronger, and ready.
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i want to personally thank our men and women, the first responders, who protected us from great danger to keep our country safe. these first responders risked their lives for us every single day. for the police officers who protect us, the firefighters who courageously keep us from harm, and the paramedics who care for us. our words cannot describe our thankfulness for your heroes and everyday in the sacrifices you have undertaken to keep our community, our city, and country safe. may god bless san francisco. may god bless america. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> good morning. thank you for coming. my name is adam. i am the co-founder of method. method is a business where our success has been built on sustainable innovation. at the core of the sustainable innovation is green chemistry. that is how we create green and products that outperform conventional ones. our approach to sustainable designed is not en -- does not end with what is in the bottle.
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it also includes the bottle. evidence of that is parked outside. it is also evident in our approach to sustainable package design. that is what i would like to address today. in 2006, method reached a milestone. we created the first custom pvc bottle manufactured completely from recycled plastic. in the five years since then, we have continued to innovate and focus on developing pcr technology to the point where almost everybody we manufacture is made from 100% pcr plastic. that is millions of bottles a year that may completely free of
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virgin plastic. having achieved in this second milestone and the huge benefits that go with it, we started asking ourselves a question. that was, what is the ultimate recycled material? that is where our attention is turned to the issue of ocean plastic. what if we could take some of the plastic floating in the ocean and make bottles out of it? we would be taking a piece of trash and up it into something that could be recycled again and again. it could serve as a platform for communicating the real solution. that is to use the billions of tons of plastic already on the past -- planet to manufacture
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products we interact with in our daily lives. i am proud to announce today that we have done it. this is the first bottle we know of made out of ocean plastic. we developed this in partnership with in vision -- envision plastics. they're one of the most innovative plastic recyclers in the country. the process to come up with this in many ways mirrors the traditional recycling process, but with a few twists. we take the plastic fluting in the ocean. we grind it up. it looks like these colorful flakes. we then manufacture that into resin pellets and ultimately into a bottle like this one. there are a couple of special steps in the process that allows us to remove the contaminants and dirt on the plastic
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floating in the ocean for 10 years or more. this is as high quality as the virgin plastic bottle. the next step in the process is to gather enough plastic to allow us to manufacture the bottles we need. this is a process we have undertaken already. on saturday, we will be working with volunteer organizations to gather more plastic on international coastal cleanup day. afterwe will be taking the prodo market with a major u.s. retailer after that. imagine the proposition that there product that is packaged in the ocean plastic. for every one that you buy, you take 10 grams of plastic directly out of the ocean. we think that is pretty neat. the point is not to clean up and up to the scientists will tell you that the area is simply too
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remote and to large and the plastic too small to clean it up. the real goal is to raise awareness about the issue of plastic pollution. as i have said, the solution is already in front of us. it is using the plastic that is already on the planet. getting after the solution requires us to invest in infrastructure and industry that -- excuse me, getting after that requires developing infrastructure and industry and around the recycling of material and capture and following the lead of cities like san francisco that are pioneers. these are inherently local activities. that means that we can simultaneously create jobs and a green economy as well as give innovative businesses, like method, the materials we need to lead us toward a more
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sustainable world. thank you very much. this point, i am going to turn it over to epa administrator lisa jackson for a few comments. >> thank you. give him a hand. i think that is extraordinary. [applause] well, i just want to thank everyone in take a few moments. it is wonderful to be here, especially on a day like today. i want to thank adam, eric, and drew, and everybody from method that has come out to help prove that it does pay to protect our environment and to conserve our resources. method as recognized with more and more businesses are recognizing every single day, and that is that americans once safe products. they want safe products that are good for their health, the health of their families, their children, and also good for the environment. but, method, you all go one step
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further. along with selling green products, you run green yourself. you run efficiently. you produce most of your energy on site through solar panels did you deliver your product bike tracks that run on biodiesel. a quick shot to the epa smart way program to help that biodiesel go further and further. you work with suppliers to make them greener as well. these practices help to save money on operations. i am happy to be standing with the epa in the strong call for green chemistry and water innovation in our country. along with spreading the word about the importance of green business and the green economy, we need chemicals reform. we have called for it. the president has called for it. we need water protection, which we are fighting to maintain at epa right this moment. they are important for americans and important for businesses to understand the tie
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between a healthy environment and accessible product and making money. now we approach coastal cleanup day, so you're cutting edge work now producing bottles made out of plastic recovered from the ocean is one more example of how we can innovate our way to a prosperous future. this can be the story for the communities and companies across the united states who are looking for the next way to grow. good jobs are based on innovation, and innovation is based on an important resource. it is the ability to think a different way about things we use every day. that is what president obama has called for. that is why he wants to create incentives so that small businesses like this one can hire, so we can bring back green power and innovation to work producing products. that is why he wants to see more money in family budgets so they can purchase products, and he wants to make sure that we create jobs, everything from teachers to first responders and
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construction workers right now, because we have to build our economy. we have to create jobs for americans right now. we need to and want to see more success stories like method. i congratulate you. but i have to say that right now, the most important thing we can do is to pass the american jobs act and that more americans to work but i am glad to be here to show how it can be done in a way that also led advances that would work for every day at epa, and that is protecting the air, water, and land that are so much part of our everyday lives. with that, i will have the joy of introducing one of my cabinet colleagues, administrator of the small business administration, karen gordon. [applause] >> welcome back thank you very much to administrator jackson and to all of you from method for having us here.
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it is a great pleasure to be here. i know this product, and it is even more impressive to see the hole and you have developed. met this is a great example of something that we all talk about, which is a green company that is turning innovation into jobs. as you know, we're focused right now on creating jobs here in america, and that involves benefit of small businesses. half of the people who work in america own or work for a small business. two out of every three new jobs are created by small business. what you have right in front of you is the tale of our greatest assets. you have two young men who got together as a roommates when they were 25. they are, as they tell me, from detroit. they're from entrepreneur real families to their families were in the automobile industry as
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entrepreneurs, and they are taking the best they told me that they are carrying this entrepreneur spirit on in a new industry and in a new place. that is really america's story. that is what the small business administration and all of us to cross the administration are here driving. in addition to what you see here yet met the, there's a whole supply chain behind us. they buy and work with suppliers who are american manufacturers. all of this is produced here in america. in minnesota, illinois, indiana, and those are jobs. so when they prosper, we get a job creation all across america. so thank you, because this is really what we're out here trying to do. because as you grow and prosper, so does america grow and prosper. this brings me to what the president talked about this
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week. you know, president obama traveled all around the country and visits companies like this. i know he will love to see something like this. >> he is welcome any time. [laughter] >> he understands small business, and it is really in his heart. one of the things you see in the america's jobs act as a focus on small business. for example, the first thing that you see is there's going to be payroll tax relief for small businesses. payroll taxes cut in half. we were talking about, what are you going to do with that money? this is a company that has more growth opportunities, more demand, more pathways in front of it than it has the ability to pursue in the resources to pursue. right away, they said that money can go to more marketing, advertising, more suppliers, more inventory, and we know that that will create more jobs. that is our job creation is going to happen from the
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american jobs act. so we need congress to pass that now so we can get the money into hands of small businesses, like method. in addition, there are benefits for bringing to zero the payroll tax credit for people who increased their payroll. so that next incremental person you hire, the payroll tax will be zero on the new employee. for california, this could help 700,000 firms. 700,000 firms it will also have tax credits with 100% expensive for new e equipment, and a number of all equipment is all designed to put money and resources into the hands of small business owners. because the president knowns in all of us know, government does not create the jobs. it is our job to give small businesses the tools they need so that they can grow, they can prosper, and they can create jobs, as is happening in this
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company method. thank you for having me here. to introduce the epa regional administrator. jared -- [applause] >> thank you all for coming. it was really great to have my boss here and administrator mills. i chose to come to talk about the amazing work that this part of the world around green jobs -- to the happening everywhere. it is really happening here. in terms of the enormity of the announcement today, the gyre of plastic floating in the ocean is now twice the size of texas. there are parts of the ocean where the ratio of plastic to plankton is now 10 parts of plastic to one part of plankton. so this is a very large-scale
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issue. i think people feel very depressed when they think about it and do not know what they can do. epa is doing a number of things, and so is method. one is to reduce packaging. how do we reduce the amount of packaging? one way to do that is to insure all the packaging is as efficient as possible, but also made of recycled material. another thing they're doing in the bay area and l.a. is to set 0 limits on the amount of trash that could go to water bodies. so the l.a. river has a zero trash total maximum load. the same with san francisco bay. that requires action on the parts of cities, but mainly companies are leading the way. it is a fantastic to hear about this. this is the coastal cleanup week. this saturday. last year, california reached 1 million participants in coastal cleanup. so this gives and next -- you know, when my kids go out this saturday to ocean beach, people want to know that they are
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making a difference towards something. it is not just cleaning it up and checking something off a list. now they know that the plastic will go into a bottle, and a bottle will continuously be recycled. it gives meaning to something that already has a value, but it sends a message back on what you're doing individually and how that can make a difference. talking of making a difference, the person i am going to introduce started at dpw in san francisco. and he said, jared, how can we come up with it was to protect our janitors, to protect people that go into city buildings, and save money? so that the things that the city buys are good for the environment. so we sat down and came up with a list. now the city only buys things that do not have harmful toxic chemicals in them. one of the things that administrator jackson has pushed for is transparency and information about what is in a product. we would call companies to ask what is in the cleaning
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products, and they would not tell us. we would say, if you do not tell us what is in the product, we will not be able to buy it. method tells you every single thing in their product. nobody should have anything to hide about what is in their bottle. that transparency is a big part of what epa is doing. and lisa's leadership to make sure we all know. but would not have happened without the leadership of the mayor of the city, ed lee. i would like you to come up to the podium and say a few words. [applause] >> thank you. welcome to the border of chinatown, san francisco. this is amazing to be here to join administered jackson. thank you and welcome. administer mills, thank you. i also want to thank dan for
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being here. nancy pelosi's office has been a great supporter of us. and our business office at the region has been wonderful supporters as well. i am here to celebrate. this wonderful tribute to our city of innovation. you know, as you write of the elevator right here, they already have a model on the elevator that you can not have to think dirty. you can actually think clean. of course, that has tripled meanings in our city. [laughter] but as we approached coastal cleanup this week, there are already press releases. when you look at the way our beaches are looking now and the amount of debris that is there, and jerrick is right, it is not just about cleaning up. it is actually creating. i think we're at this moment in our city and our country. we have to do more than just clean it up. that is what i had to do at dpw
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for many years. i kept picking it up and picking it up in every neighborhood. is there a different business model that we can actually follow? and when method has come up with another suggestion, and this one is so timely that you can actually take marine debris and reuse it in a clean way, whether it is metal or packaging, it is and other successful business model, and it is part of the innovation that the city encourages of all its businesses and the new businesses that we try to encourage to come here and share that innovation. i am really proud to be in a city where method itself is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. so on that behalf, if i may -- and >> oh. >> in concert with our federal administrators that are here in leader pelosi's office and jar
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ed, everybody to suggest to you that we are celebrating innovation, a new business model. but also, an old, old promise, a commitment, that we would do something more for the future generations that inherits this city, that in herod our country, and that we do this in concert with the president as well. because i know that the incentives that have been announced today through president obama's work, will be very positive. these are the kinds of things we did to save companies when they were thinking of leaving this city. those very business incentives are going to allow companies like method to grow and encourage other countries -- other countries to be innovative. on behalf of the city and county of san francisco and in recognition of your great innovation, your ideas of sustaining our environment, and sustaining our environment, and this being a great business on


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